Sunset Photography Paris

When you are visiting Paris we are always asked about sunrise and sunset times in order to take photos during the golden hour.

When you are in the center of Paris look for interesting manmade structures that will look interesting in silhouette like the many historical and iconic buildings with their unique architecture, also the many statues, and bridges can make great images.

In the golden orange and red light, even streets  of Paris can take on a magical appearance! Bodies of water from the many fountains  (think Louvre) or the seine for example make for great additions in sunrise and sunset photos since the water will reflect the beautiful colors in the sky.

Also take note of the specific direction the sun will be setting at the time of year you’re shooting, so that you can really plan your shots well. Look up the sunrise or sunset time and arrive at the location early so that you can get your gear set up without having to rush.

Remember, the more familiar you are with your equipment, the easier it will be to make exposure changes while the sun is rising or setting and you don’t have the luxury of lots of time to figure things out.

Here is a useful link  that will tell give help you in finding sunrise and sunset times while you visiting Paris.

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