Paris Music Box by Photographer Steven Hodel


What is a “Photo Tour” ?

A photo tour is at heart a walking tour with a focus on taking photos at locations visited, as well as discovering new places as we travel along.

Photography Tours Paris offers you a chance to discover Paris in a photo-focused way, as well as a chance to pick up a few (optional) tips towards better photography. We humbly believe we offer a tour for everyone.

How many persons in a group?

We only guide very small groups of 5 active photographers .

What’s the cancellation/refund policy?

As we limit our group size to 5, we ask you to cancel at least three days before the tour for a full refund. This allows up to offer others the opportunity for that day.

If you cancel within 3 days and as part of our competitive pricing for our photo tours (photography is for everyone), your tour would be non-refundable except at our discretion. However, you may reschedule a tour for another date (must notify at least 5 days before your booking) or give/sell the tour to someone else at no extra charge.

As our Photo Tours leave on the advertised start time and we kindly request that you be on time or even 5 minutes early.

What’s a +1 “non-camera” friend?

A +1 “non camera” friend is a partner or friend that may join the (paid ticket) photographer at no extra cost. While this guest is welcome to join us on the tour listen in, they are allowed absolutely no photo taking themselves.

Please note: That includes both big cameras and small, even a camera phone counts as a camera!

Equally, +1s must remember that we’re here for the photographers first, and therefore priority in the tour is given to the camera crowd first and foremost. We obviously won’t be ignoring you (far from it), it simply must be kept in mind on busy tours especially.

What if it rains?

Our photo tours operate rain or shine.

In light rain we push through with umbrellas, and even help you improve your technique in the wet. If the rain gets too serious we’ll then either move inside for indoor shooting and/or photo-talk over a coffee at a cozy café.

Please note: Booking for the photo tours are non-refundable except at our discretion. However, we also understand the rain can “be difficult for photos” and therefore offer a 25% refund up to the start of the tour if there is water on the ground and you want to cancel.

If -we- cancel due to heavy/unsafe weather, you are offered a 100% refund and our thanks for your understanding.

Are children included as unpaid guests?

While we love kids and encourage them to join the photo tour either as guests or a +1 “non camera” friend, we don’t include children without charge as guests if not included in our +1 policy.

As an exception, babies (up to 3 years old) are permitted to join without charge. One unpaid baby per paid guest only.

What kind of camera do I need?

Preferably a Single Lens Reflex (SLR), but to be honest, any type of camera will do.

We have already made photo tours with people using compact cameras and they made great photos.

Make sure, however:

•That you know how to use it thoroughly
•That it has a tripod screw if you want to make night photography

Is the tour suitable for novice photographers?

Yes, absolutely.

We like to make sure you will take back the best photos you can make during our tour. We both like to teach and will be glad to share our knowledge with you


Payment should be made before the beginning of the tour, either:

•By Paypal
•In cash (at the start of the session)

Booking process:

1.You should send us an email specifying on which days you will be in France

2.We agree on:

◾The day and time for the tour
◾Your tour(s) of choice
◾The place where we will meet and a contact phone number
◾What you need for the tour (tripod or other gear)

3.We will then meet in the specific place and proceed to the location we agreed upon.


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